IIfET wants to produce a prototype of the long range car, fully electric, using the system and Energy-On-The-Move technology, and is looking for sponsors, philanthropists, donors, and contributors. The IIfET is also looking for private-public partnerships to build a light railway system with the appropriate network.

Project 500
Project Electro-Light
Project Road Rover
Project Electro-Boat 
Project LAAEV 

Donations/ Crowd Sourced Funding 
Prototyping, research and developments requires funding and sponsorship from all sides. Your generosity will be translated into solutions that you can be proud of and proud to make it happen for the progress of humanity.
Therefore, crowd sourced funding becomes the only means available to bring this new technology to life.  Your help is very much appreciated. We promise transparency and an open book policy. All funds available will go to prototyping research and development only.