Accelerating inventions and innovations is the responsibility of every responsible and technology loving citizen. Taking us off oil and petrol is becoming a focal strategy for the any government but without your help this strategy is not going to see the day light.

Thinking of battery development as the only solution behind electric vehicles is not the answer and the recent exposure in the media is a significant proof and example.  There must be other options and other solutions.

New technologies and new discoveries have not been allowed to surface for countless reasons and we leave it to your imagination. The lack of adequate funding for R & D is another hindrance.  President Obama new initiative is a step in the right direction and long overdue strategic thinking outside the box.

IIfET ushers a new era not to be ignored.  It shortens long-awaited research and development by making long range electric vehicles of 500+ miles affordable and mass- produced as well as training for new qualifications needed to fill gaps and skills.

IIfET technology pushed the envelope to make electric transportation a more strategic and integrated sector with intelligent infrastructures, that generate revenues and eliminate the need for oil forever, so if you want the solution, the solution is that close, near you and at arm’s length. Naturally, IIfET can be an integral part of any sector, private or public and even any local or federal government initiative, if not complementary to it.

IIfET is seeking your help to bring the project 500 to life to build the first prototype. This is the most serious step to shift our vehicles completely off oil for good and entering the age of fully electric transportation. Your donations will be spent strictly on the project and nothing else. Our century is marked by the ingenuity and generosity of people like you to fund such project for the people from the people. Be part of the next big thing and make it happen.

The Technology
Current EV technology is simply the tip of the iceberg. When old and new entrants to EV’s industry veered and still veer towards range increase by adopting expensive and yet still dangerous batteries, the solution becomes unconvincing. The price tag is at least three times that of the conventional ICE car.

Re-visiting the laws of physics and thermodynamics offers a gravity defying solution. The energy crisis and shortage of investment, however, make it hard to go in this direction. IIfET and AIfET technology shifted 180° to research and develop a long range electric vehicle with an ordinary bank of batteries, marine deep cycle, heralding the era of “Energy-On-The-Move” technology with further development to include advanced “Vehicle-To-Grid” capabilities.

The solution is balanced by the integration of an additional “Micro-Generative Technology” which facilitates slow depletion of the bank of batteries by injecting energy in the opposite direction. While the design of the vehicle itself provides another factor to reduce friction and drag, allowing the maintenance of batteries at an acceptable level of operation by injecting energy while the vehicle is on the move. The use of Lighter materials is an added value in range extension up to 500miles or 805 kilometers.  The technology is viable through complex design and balanced energy calculation, the details of which cannot be revealed until a prototype is finalized to hedge against commercial spying.

The other factor is that we are stepping into new scientific territory, new devices and components, new vocabulary, new  definitions and new variables that must be established, defined, and understood, something that is not in the dictionary yet. Thus it is difficult to express in language and that’s why IIfET and AIfET are creating a technical dictionary.




The Technology that we discovered allows us to charge the bank of batteries while the Electric Vehicle is still moving and better when parking without the need for an immediate plug in. Also, this technology allows for slow depletion without exerting pressure on the batteries themselves, where constant energy is injected at all times but not at the same speed of normal and fast charging.

The technology focuses on harnessing and recovering all available energy to power electric vehicles by injecting an additional energy while the vehicle is moving as an “Energy-On-The-Move.” This application is in relation to the first law of thermodynamics; we observe that an inverse relationship applies as a catalyst that sums up the technology as follows:

The following diagram illustrates how to implement advanced technologies that enhance the bank of batteries/ Energy Storage Capabilities to increase EVs Range.

The following diagram is a representation of all compacting elements that lead to range extension.

Donations/ Crowd Sourced Funding

Prototyping, research and developments requires funding and sponsorship from all sides. Your generosity will be translated into solutions that you can be proud of and proud to make it happen for the progress of humanity. Therefore, crowd sourced funding becomes the only means available to bring this new technology to life.  Your help is very much appreciated. We promise transparency and an open book policy. All funds available will go to prototyping research and development only.


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