IIFET objective is to accelerate inventions and innovations in order to spread technological advances worldwide and to disseminate information fast enough to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel in a fully electric solution from renewable and sustainable sources. That in turn will pave the way for a Green Economy by fundamentally understanding the essential function of batteries and electric storage devices, something that we are still struggling with among academics, researchers and scientists. New discoveries have allowed us to implement new efficiencies, better energy storage and extended range without almost any fire accidents as it happened to TESLA brand EV and others, including Boeings aircrafts.

The technology focuses on harnessing and recovering all available energy to power electric vehicles by injecting additional energy while the vehicle is still moving as an “Energy-On-The-Move.” This application is in relation to the first law of thermodynamics; we observe that an inverse relationship applies as a catalyst that sums up the technology as follows:

The following diagram illustrates how to implement advanced technologies that enhance the bank of batteries/ Energy Storage Capabilities to increase EVs Range.

The following diagram is a representation of all compacting elements that lead to range extension.

The Importance of Supply Chain

The manufacturing stage requires a solid supply chain that is consumer oriented and consumer friendly to drive down costs and offer the best value for money. Price inflation will not help the environment, nor the green economy.  We must offer consumers a viable solution and advanced reliable electric vehicles that they can afford and make money through the V2G concept as a payback incentive.

The IIfET is also willing to team up with considerate partners to form a larger consortium that further enhances the supply chain for the mass production of electric vehicles and to develop other types of electric transportation. This initiative, invention, and innovation in electric transportation are a new economic parallel to build purely electro-automotive manufacturing industry with opportunities to match and thousands of jobs to be created.

The Academic Value

While IIfET is an NGO, it is also gearing towards becoming an academic institution in its own rights, that offers and define new technologies for engineers and electro-automotive workers as well as preparing future managers on how to plan and strategize integrated systems to better manage new infrastructures, new assets, policies and strategies in a fast moving environment with new sets of advanced technological breakthroughs.

At present, any organization can be affiliated with IIfET to participate in our academic developments, studies and research as accreditation is the natural evolution for IIfET to achieve with full academic curriculum.  Please inquire as organization for EV codes and standards, Courses for Managers and Leader.

Academic research in policy, strategy, codes and standards to become as important as integral topics to be taught and advocated at all master degrees level. It is equally as important as R & D in science and technology, because both of them complement each other.