The IEAC invites small and medium size companies from around the world to join our organization to stimulate exchange of ideas and information and develop a viable and dynamic supply chain to specialize in electro-automotive components and elements for all modes of electric transportation, including electric motors, electronic controls, batteries, super capacitors, converters, inverters, fly wheels and ordinary tires and wheels, solar units, micro motors, electric modules, wiring, boosters, pumps, and chargers.

The consortium aims to work in unison to drive down costs, since the goal is to mass produce EVs/ Economy of Scale for advanced and economic long range EVs. Also, it is a great opportunity to network and share valuable information and open book data to harmonize the newly born Electro-Automotive Industry. The consortium aims to become a first point of contact to coordinate projects and create joint ventures that enhance and promote the cause of EVs. Your company will appear below, and we shall create specialist areas for manufacturers and suppliers. By becoming a sponsor, you have all rewards with us as well as an incentive to join forces to create advanced, long range EVs.

Welcome to the International Electro-Automotive Consortium.

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International Electro-Automotive Consortium



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