IIfET invites citizens of the world and governments alike to join our scientifically and environmentally oriented institute to help accelerate technological breakthroughs in purely and fully electric transportation on land, on water, and in the air. Membership is open to all who “think outside the box” and not stuck in old fashioned beliefs about ICE.

IIfET believes that global warming, climate change, and economic crisis are manmade, and that’s what they have in common. The last crisis, clearly motivated and triggered by greed and selfishness, hindered the progress of science, technology, invention, and innovation. We are inviting you, citizens of the world as well as countries and leaders, to join us in making the solution happen through advanced technical concepts, ideas, inventions, innovations. Your full participation and commitment will lead to the ultimate acceleration of TECHNOLOGICAL BREAKTHROUGHS. Life without oil and petrol is possible, doable, and achievable. Give science and technology their best chance.

IIfET is working on advanced electric car concepts and light railway systems with Green Grid, which are the real electric revolution and the catalyst for the next industrial revolution.
IIfET is a not for profit organization. It is funded by individuals like you to help the process of prototyping and R & D.



Parallel Economics Foundation.  
International Electro-Automotive Consortium.
Graviton Dynamics Inc.