Graviton Dynamics offers a full range of strategic consultancy programs, feasibility studies, environmental impact reports, white papers, full project management, and full product development and manufacturing to complete projects on time and on budget. 
Graviton Dynamics’ strategic approach is to include all stakeholders, both in the public and private sectors, and to coordinate all relationships among interested parties for successful joint ventures and partnerships.  Technical solutions are available from our vast network worldwide.  Graviton Dynamics specializes in electric transportation, road electrification, intelligent infrastructures, green grid, systems, technological assets integration and improved efficiencies.

Graviton Dynamics Inc. operates in five distinguished areas:
Advanced Electro-Automotive Technology, Long Range EVs.
Vehicle to Grid (V2G), Electric Train to Green Grid (ET2GG) Capabilities.
Advanced Renewable Energy Solutions.
Technological Assets Integration.
Cutting Waste and Improved Efficiencies.

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Advanced Electro-Automotive Technology Long Range EVs


Graviton Dynamics Inc. is behind the invention of the first “Self-Generating Power Technology Electric Vehicle,” which is a completely free-energy car that requires little or no maintenance and has the possibility of discharging electricity into the national grid in what is known as a vehicle-to-grid concept. 
The further development of “Vehicle-To-Grid” will improve the new type of electric car, making it a real mobile sub-station.  It is possible that our electric car in the future will be capable of producing electricity, even in a stationary mode.  Increasing the number of these cars on the road and gradually phasing out the internal combustion engine will create a win/win situation, if not an economic and environmental revolution at the same time.
Our invention has more than one application and applies to all forms of transport, light railway systems, and, most importantly, commercial transportation and long haulers. It is no surprise that the public are scared. There are many voices against electric vehicles, creating fear and panic among consumers about what is recognized as "Range Anxiety."

Essential Diagram
Diagram below illustrates the technology and its essential components.

This advanced technology is a system that allows electric vehicles to generate power while on the move, continuously recharging the vehicle batteries and allowing for slow depletion of energy. This innovation greatly increases the range of the vehicle. The system relies on every part of the vehicle to generate power. The new design is geared to harvest electro-mechanical/ electromagnetic energy and thermo-electric energy. The system injects extra energy into the battery banks, which extends the range of the vehicle by up to 500 miles depending on cruising speed.

The Technology that we discovered allows us to charge the bank of batteries while the Electric Vehicle is still moving and better when parking without the need for an immediate plug in. Also, this technology allows for slow depletion without exerting pressure on the batteries themselves, where constant energy is injected at all times but not at the same speed of normal and fast charging.

The technology focuses on harnessing and recovering all available energy to power electric vehicles by injecting an additional energy while the vehicle is moving as an “Energy-On-The-Move.” This application is in relation to the first law of thermodynamics; we observe that an inverse relationship applies as a catalyst that sums up the technology as follows:

The following diagram illustrates how to implement advanced technologies that enhance the bank of batteries/ Energy Storage Capabilities to increase EVs Range.

The following diagram is a representation of all compacting elements that lead to range extension.

Advanced electronics and lighter materials will ensure that range can always reach new milestones beyond the 500 mile mark, which can lead to tremendous savings on current volatile oil prices. One of the greatest barriers to electric vehicles is the limited range of current battery technology and the long recharging periods that are needed. The system offered will provide a means of recharging batteries while on the go, thus simultaneously increasing the vehicle’s range and decreasing the time needed to recharge the batteries to full power.

Vehicle to Grid (V2G),
Electric Train to Green Grid (ET2GG) Capabilities

Graviton Dynamics research and development is aimed at building a new generation of EVs that also can act like a sub-station when the vehicle is parked, discharging its surplus energy in any designated location or building. For confidentiality reasons, we cannot elaborate on this new technology, pending more R & D. This solution, however, stands to revolutionize our perception of energy generation and is a state-of-the-art technology that will definitely benefit any location or environment in finding:

Total Environmental Solution = Absolute Zero Carbon Emission
T.E.S. = A.Z.C.E.

The system can also be adapted to include vehicle-to-grid connections (V2G) without losing the initial battery load. With the help of advanced electronics, the excess energy generated by the vehicle can be fed into the grid.
GD has pushed V2G boundaries to include commercial fleets and government fleets, to act as if they are a group of electric sub-stations at a push of a button. This technology can be extended to include heavy trucks in the near future, thus confirming for the first time that any fleet of electric vehicles can become in reality a mobile substation.
In parallel, the technology applies to electric trains as electric train-to-green grid (ET2GG) with much higher output in megawatts that can be injected into the national grid (Smart Green Grid), generating extra revenue and new jobs. The implications of both applications are significant enough to become part of the green economy without trumpeted excessive costs. The technology bears the hallmarks of new economic opportunities and advantages that must be taken seriously.

Advanced Renewable Energy Solutions

Graviton Dynamics Inc. is also behind the invention of several applications of its technology on the built environment for the domestic market, including both the public and private sector buildings. Some are in the design process, and others are nearing the prototype and manufacturing stage:

Day or night a source of energy is more available than the other, such as the sun and the wind. Sun is abundant during the day but wind also can be relatively strong during the day to power wind turbines. However, it seems that the night belongs to the wind as an element of energy distribution. In contrast, new thin film PV technology are sensitive to street light and the moon light, meaning that their cells can be energized to produce electricity during the night as well.


The difficulty is always in energy storage. Batteries are always a form of temporary energy storage and cannot last long time if the attention is to change it from DC to AC by using inverters and voltage controllers. Solar Tower systems are promising where heat energy generated during the day can be stored in molten salt that can be used at night to create steam at high temperatures, which power electric generators and almost completing a cycle of 24 hours energy generation. Please refer to diagram below:





Technological Assets Integration

Electric transportation, Road Electrification and Infrastructures are new technological assets. Integrated Intelligent Infrastructures of the future must diversify its source or sources of energy opposite to what we are currently accustomed to increase energy output when needed by traditional methods.
Energy storage technology is moving fast and it is currently available to use stored energy instead of powering sub-stations to respond to a surge in energy demand. Technology is available to do that. An integrated intelligent infrastructure is in itself an energy sector on its own, where it interacts completely with an intelligent built environment and correlates with other power generation, power distribution and power trading.
Many topics focus on designing efficient system to power high speed trains/ bullet trains, which is necessary for linking major cities and countries but what about linking small towns and suburbs with lighter railway systems. What better than all of that, is to introduce a light railway system that generates its own energy without being a burden on the grid itself? And how about a system that interacts with EVs? And at the same time, it is providing their charging stations with energy from light railway system, which in itself a form of a renewable source of energy with absolute zero carbon? Please see diagram below:



Cutting Waste and Improved Efficiencies

In modern time economy, there is no place for waste and over capacity, because either are dilemmas of untrained workers or not using the right tools or machines. Factories of the futures cannot survive with faults and inadequate environment and appropriate platforms and structures. We are at a cross road of a parallel economy, which is phasing out the oil dependent economy towards green economy. The pressure is on to reduce GHG towards zero carbon foot prints in 20 perhaps 30 years. Survival is not for the fittest but for the capabilities of change and transformation, from an old state to a better one.


Inventions, innovations, and new technologies are the recession oppression tools. Creative organizations, whether public or private, must use them to reduce and hedge against adverse economic conditions. They are human progress and challenge at their best because they look at complex problems and work tirelessly to solve them. Graviton Dynamics, armed with many solutions, inventions and innovations, is the medium and vehicle through and by which private-public partnership and world cooperation and collaboration can surmount its immediate and future problems and even generate a new and comfortable income, possibly eliminating energy bills once and for all for efficiencies surpassing 100%. More efficiencies mean selling the grid instead of buying from it.
Parallel world economics compel governments to change their old ways and adapt to new economic realities. Governments and local governments are no exception. They must develop alliances with suitable partners to form public-private partnerships that are keen on strategic solutions and success-minded strategies. Graviton Dynamics and its affiliates are capable of providing not only this platform but also all aspects of technical assistance that will put local communities and world communities in an enviable position for the 21st century.


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