International Institute for Electric Transportation Charter



We the founders of IIfET believe that like global warming, climate change, economic crisis are man made, and thatís what they have in common. The last one clearly motivated and triggered by greed and selfishness. We are inviting you as countries and individuals to join us in making the solution happen through advanced technical concepts, ideas, inventions, innovations, science and technology that all lead to the ultimate acceleration of TECHNOLOGICAL BREAKTHROUGHS. We believe that:


  1. Life without oil and petrol is possible, doable and achievable. Give science and technology their best chance.


  1. Advanced Electric Car/ Electric Transportations Concepts are the real Electric Revolution and the catalyst for the next Industrial Revolution.


  1. The Next Industrial Revolution is around the corner and we must make it happen. Solutions of 2030 and 2050 are already here and waiting for the taking.


  1. People of the World deserve basic needs not greed, respect, fulfillment and be given human rights for their ultimate happiness.


  1. Globalization is not the Answer, Regionalization is.


  1. Encourage, help and assist inventors, innovators and solution makers.


  1. Protect IP from greedy corporate preying and initiate better protection to Intellectual Property, Patents and Copyrights.


  1. To adequately fund R & D and protect inventors and innovators.


  1. IIfET to become Point of Contacts for inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, Philanthropists and NGOís to meet, discuss ideas and solutions. To document projects, produce technical data and harmonize definitions and vocabulary in electric transportation.


  1. To initiate and fund a worldwide movement for electric transportation, road electrification with complete linkages, that propels citizens to come together as one world community to bring accelerated environmental, technological, economic social solutions, equal opportunities and social justice.