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AIfET and IIfET work in tandem as sister organizations, with AIfET focusing mostly on the USA and North America geographic sectors to highlight events and initiatives taking place.  AIfET aims at promoting Electric Vehicles technology and encourages Electric Transportation to be adopted widely in the US and North America, including Canada and Mexico. The recent initiative by eight governors emphasized the need to accelerate the pace of innovation and the introduction of 3.3 million Electric Vehicles by 2025. This represents 25% of cars in the US market. AIfET White Paper Proposal is a perfect fit for an intelligent integrated multifaceted solution, where capable Green Grid supplies EV Charging Stations from a network of light railways system fed by renewable energy exclusively, confirming absolute zero carbon emission, 0% GHG.




The AEAC invites small and medium size companies from North America, US, Canada and Mexico to join our organization to stimulate exchange and develop a viable and dynamic supply chain to specialize in electro-automotive components and elements for all modes of electric transportation. From electric motors, electronic control, batteries, super capacitors, converters, inverters, fly wheels and ordinary tires and wheels, solar units, micro motors, electric modules, wiring, boosters, pumps, chargers and any new devices.

The consortium aim at working in unison to drive costs down, since the aim is to mass produce EV’s/ Economy of Scale for advanced and economic long range EV’s. Also, it is a great opportunity to network and share valuable information and open book data to harmonize the newly born Electro-Automotive Industry in North America. The consortium aim is to become a first point of contact to coordinate projects and create Joint Ventures that enhance and progress the cause of EV’s. Your company will appear below and we shall create specialists area for manufacturers and suppliers. By becoming a sponsor, you have all rewards with us and also as an incentive to join forces to create advanced, long range EV’s.

Welcome to the American Electro-Automotive Consortium.


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The Electro-Light project is a combination of an above ground commuter train and, when necessary, a common underground urban transport system, such as the Paris or Washington, DC, METRO or the London UNDERGROUND.  The efficient system links the suburbs with cities and town centers.  The technology behind EL generates its own energy from renewables with complex systems and complex energy storage for the 21st century.  Thus it has strategic value as the creator and catalyst of a GREEN GRID with absolute zero carbon emissions, thereby largely satisfying DOE directives, policies, and strategies.  Its other incentive is that its tracks are close to existing roads, so it is capable of providing energy to charging stations on the highway, which is also the focus of the green cars directive articulated in the newest proposal of the American administration and a consortium of eight states.

This technology provides multiple choices and multiple solutions because it acts as an energy provider by renewable energy generation.  It is fully electric transportation and for the first time creates a real green grid that confirms road and highway electrification with charging stations for EVs.  Additionally, it is facilitating mobile networks and communication, creating pure additional revenues for the operating network.  This revenue is an added value to the smart infrastructure and high tech developments and has the potential to create thousands of new jobs as well.

There has been for too long a negative argument about electric cars or electric transportation in general as it mitigates CO2 emissions from ET/ EV to power stations.  Many skeptics have argued that going electric is not the answer to energy depletion and environment issues because it will draw on the national grid, meaning overwhelmed networks and increasing the need for new power stations.  This culture, however, has started to dissipate since new technological advances have allowed the introduction of new concepts and new ways of thinking.

For additional information on our ELECTRO-LIGHT PROJECT, that emphasizes on integrating intelligent infrastructures, green grid, CHARGING STATIONS for EVs, road electrification and electric transportation, please see map as above in the beginning of page and click below for more details:
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Electro-Light Proposal for Delaware and any State is subject to a Public Private Partnership and Consortium Establishment:
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